Boron Solvent Extraction - Innovation

Tenova Turbulent Technologies Mixing System is a new mixing technology which enables significant reduction of entrainment levels without changing the process flow. It can be easily retrofitted to most existing mixer settlers or installed in new SX plants.

Unique capabilities:

  • Creates uniform dispersion in the mixing tank (avoiding formation of small droplets)
  • Predictable and controlled drop size distribution as a function of the mixing regime, allowing process optimization
  • Increase throughput while maintaining optimum mixing conditions
  • Increased throughput with no increase in entrainments

The main advantage of this technology is the reduction of entrainment of expensive extractants, organic contamination in the product stream, aqueous contamination in the loaded organic stream, ecological impact of organics in the raffinate stream, operation, and maintenance costs. It further enables increased settling flux and eliminates the need for after-settlers


New internals, TPC-KI, provide a solution for processes with slow kinetics and high feed phase ratios. The new type of internals has been the result of on-going in-house development work and provides enhanced mass transfer for applications where the system has slow kinetics and potential for back-mixing. The TPC-KI includes new contacting elements on the contours of the "disc and doughnut" plates and optimized spacing between the plates.
The TPC-KI internals reduce back-mixing and increase column hold-up allowing improved mass transfer at the same flux.