Technical Data


The TENOVA SETTLERâ„¢ is a patented technology which enhances efficiency and provides many advantages compared to other settlers used in SX circuits.

  • Higher process efficiency
  • Lower capital cost (approx. 20% reduction)
  • More compact layout
  • Shorter construction time
  • Total automatic control capability
  • Higher flux rate
  • Lower organic losses
  • Operator friendly physical layout
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Improved fire prevention and control features


The Tenova Pulsed Column is a high efficiency cost-effective contactor which enhances mass transfer during extraction, stripping and scrubbing or washing processes.  TPC main advantages are the extraction multistage continuous process in a single vessel, handles liquids with suspended solids or which form a third phase, no internal moving parts, fully automated system, low maintenance and operating costs.
Moreover, it is a safe and environmentally friendly process. TPC can be applied in the minerals processing (uranium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, titanium, lithium, zirconium, in the chemical industry nitric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid), for environmental protection (recovery of nitrates, sulfuric acid, cyanides, and halides) and others (pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industries).