Technical Data

TRGX Burner
TRGX Burner Dimensions
TRGX Max Thermal Capacity
TRGX Nominal Flows

Main technical features: 

  • Very high air preheating efficiency due to both high thermal capacity and specific surface of the regenerators 
  • Compatible with separated regenerators (ceramic solid bed) and with integrated regenerators (ceramic honeycomb). 
  • Standard burner efficiency at 80%-90% (when using a flue gases recirculation factor around 0.8) 
  • Flame and flameless operations 
  • Cold air start-up (flame mode only with furnace temperature below self-ignition) 
  • Low NOx emissions 
  • Increased production in existing furnaces and reduced dimensions for new furnaces 
  • Equipped with pilot burner and UV detector, if required 
  • High flame stability and operation security at low working temperature   

Fuels: Natural Gas, COG, Lean Mixed Gas, Mixed Gas (and hydrogen mixtures of them). 

Turn down: 

  • flame mode: 10%-100% 
  • flameless mode: 50%-100%