TRGX Burner - Thermal Efficiency of Ball-Type
TRGX Burner - NOx Emissions

70 mg/Nm3 @ 3% O2 for Natural Gas 

The emissions are referred to these operating conditions: 

  • Air excess 5% 
  • Air temperature less than or equal to 1000°C 
  • Furnace temperature less than or equal to 1250°C 
  • Burner load á 80%  

The reported value is the expected one. The guaranteed value will be fixed case by case according to furnace type and working conditions. 

Experimental data showing the thermal efficiency of the separated regenerator in terms of temperature of preheated air and exhaust gas temperature. (top chart)

NOx emission variation of TRGX burner with burner load and oxygen excess in flue gases. (bottom chart)