Technical Data

Main technical features:

  • Very high heat recovery efficiency (recuperator efficiency up to 75% for non-recirculating radiant tubes and 85% for recirculating radiant tubes versions)
  • NOx emissions reduced at very low level thanks to the high internal recirculation of waste gases
  • High uniformity of radiant tube temperature (temperature difference < 45°C for recirculating radiant tubes and < 80 - 100°C respectively for non-recirculating designs)
  • Direct ignition start-up with dedicated electrode
  • Flame detection with UV sensor or elecrtode

Fuels: Natural Gas, COG, LPG (and hydrogen mixtures of them).  Turn down: 20%-100%

Typical pressure losses:

  • TRK:
    air side: 850 daPa (integrated ejector)
    fuel side: 500 daPa
  • TRKS:
    air side 600 daPa
    fuel side: 600 daPa
  • TRKSX:
    air side: 600 daPa
    fuel side: 1500 daPa