A key differentiating factor for iBlue® is that the OSBF and Energiron® automation and control system is integrated, ensuring the combined process is controlled and process corrections are made to the most suitable parameters. There is no interface battery limit between the two technologies

Tenova AutoFurn® is Tenova’s an intelligent software system that provides an additional level of automation, above the SCADA and PLC. AutoFurn® is designed to be user friendly. It improves the efficiency of furnace operations by obtaining a higher power input to the furnace and maintaining stability and balance in teh furnace. It is suitable for new and can be easility retrofitted into existing furnaces. AutoFurn® can be configured to suit different ferroalloy processes, as well as other reduction processes such as base metals, mineral wool and platinum group metals

Data is presented to operators via responsive human machine interfaces, including reports and trends, accessed from compatible web browsers. This also enables the customer to make us of the innovative Tenova PyroMobile application from alternative locations.