Tenova uses cutting edge technology to ensure that environmental protection and compliance with legislation are integrated into the design of each smelting plant. Tenova’s patented dry gas scrubbing technology minimises the use of water, reducing not only operating cost, but more importantly the impact on the environment. The integrated smelter-gas cleaning system design delivers clean furnace gas with a significant chemical energy content – this energy rich gas is then used as a fuel in the DRP Process Gas Heater, reducing the external energy requirement, and negates the need to vent the cleaned gas to atmosphere – truly a win-win scenario.

The furnace is fitted with a secondary fume evacuation system that captures fugitive emissions around the furnace. Tenova recommends that a suitable Tenova gas cleaning solution be used to ensure optimal furnace performance. The slag tapped from the furnace is engineered to meet the same chemical composition as blast furnace slag – this provides an additional revenue stream to operators and negate the need to store slag at site.