LOI - Innovation

Key technology for the processing of silicon steel:

  • Highest process accuracy and repeatability guarantees stable magnetic properties
  • Lower operational costs (electricity); lower investment and maintenance costs.
  • Mechanical equipment special design for thin strips
  • 4 high straightening machine
  • High-turbulence high-efficiency Medium Current Density (HTMCD) electrolytic cleaning tank
  • High efficiency quick maintenance brushing unit (brush-to-brush type)
  • BCO ( Brush Consumption Optimization)
  • Camber improving special steering rolls at Furnace exit
  • Servo-actuated roll coaters with on-line coating control system (closed loop) for top level coating uniformity
  • Advanced Insulating varnish preparation and recirculation systems
  • Strip cooling rolls before after coating for high coating quality and reduced solvent evaporation in the coating room
  • Coating Room air ventilation of the Push Pull design avoiding dedicated air treatment