Safety  EAF Consteel®

The concept of EAF Consteel® is inherently safe. The process is based on the continuous charge of raw materials, practically eliminating the use of buckets in favor of the flat bath melting for the entire duration of the heat. The operation of such production unit does not require any intervention by operators, who can concentrate their activities on the supervision of the production process considering that the Tenova EAF Consteel® operates fully controlled by the automation system.  

In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of the Consteel® EAF, Tenova designs and manufactures its equipment with the utmost attention to safety and reliability: 

  • Strong and sturdy mechanical construction 
  • Reliable electrical and automation configuration 
  • Tenova EAF is the most modern EAF on the market, featuring a unique system designed to allow quick and safe roof centerpiece replacement. 
  • The water cooling circuits are equipped with TENOVA Safe+ technology for the leakage detection and prevention of damages. 
  • Tenova No-One-On-The-Floor technologies 
  • Tenova automatic slag door “scraper” 
  • Possible closed-design of the control room 
  • Design and supply safety operation areas around the equipment