PDTTM Pomini Digital TexturingTM

The characteristics of surface texture are measured by a parameters such as Roughness average (Ra), Peak Count (Rpc), Skewness (Rsk) and Waviness (Wa). The current texturing processes control few of these important parameters, but they usually cannot control each parameter independently of each other to create optimum surface textures per each different application.

Pomini developed a new process accurately and independently controls the Ra, Rpc, Rsk, Wa, volume of closed voids and degree of deterministic /stochastic of the texture matrix by relying on software technology to control the high frequency lasers that apply the texture to the roll surface so to assure the best combination of features in each different application.

  • Digital process, simple and repeatable
  • “Peak Count” controlled independently from Roughness programmable stochastic finish or deterministic finish or a combination of these two finishes
  • Craters on roll surface can be individually positioned and controlled in all geometrical dimensions
  • Optimal formability and paintability of the final metal product without compromises