Combustion package

Tenova Furnace Digital Packages “Tenova FDP” purposely designed for heat treatment furnaces shift the furnaces from traditional equipment to more efficient and technological production units.

New algorithms and innovative AI models allow for more profitability of the furnace system as follows:

  • Higher plant efficiency
  • Reduction of costs related to Fuel
  • Improve sustainability
  • Improve final product quality
  • Condition Monitoring Systems for maintenance
Virtual reality

From the synergy of Tenova Digital Teams, IT Teams and domain experts, the Virtual Reality approach is now part of the Tenova job execution from sales and engineering activities till the final user dedicated operation and maintenance training sessions.

Tenova is able to provide for the Real-time navigation for model up to 250 Milions of polygons allowing users to interact with virtualized equipment and machines. The interactive experience can be shared with other teams remotely connected from customers and partners offices or from dedicated VR Rooms available at several Tenova’s offices worldwide.

Tenova adVISOR is your remote mentor on site, guiding you through our experts´remote support, interactive documentation and the use of artificial intelligenc algorithms on real time automation data.