Burner CFD

Tenova is on the forefront of the innovation: dedicated teams are involving experts for a continuous development of advanced equipment, software solutions and models.

All the equipment are designed and verified under dynamic conditions, which simulate the actual operating condition at plant.

The design of the furnaces is made by in-house software suite Tenova Caltec which includes several tools for :

  • 3D heating process modeling
  • Pipe properties predictions
  • Mechanical and handling design
  • Combustion system design

The results have been validated through the years by dedicated tests and field data collection assuring the reliability of the software’s tool.

Tenova has a long tradition in leading edge combustion technology and developed an interdisciplinary design process including Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, industrial scale test and industrial applications.

The above mentioned workflow allows to drastically reduce the time to market for the development of new burners and combustion system.