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Safety is a priority for Tenova. For this reason, the Safety team is directly involved during the engineering and the execution of all the jobs. It performs risks assessment and reduction measures identification detailed processes.In order to assure the safety of personnel and the protection of the machinery the following solutions are applied:

  • Design of machine done to integrate safety solution
  • Area segregation (Fixed Fence, interlocked moveable guards with guard locking).
  • Safety Automation control with adequate protection against systematic and random faults (Input, Logic and Output of the command circuits compliant to adequate Performance Level)
  • Other Specific reduction measures relevant for the identified risks level.
  • Information on Residual Risks by means of Safety Instruction, Safety Warnings signs, etc.
  • Tenova design can be customized and adapted to local safety regulation for manufacturer (EC Declaration of conformity, EAC Declaration of conformity, OSHA 1910, etc.) and relative standards, e.g. (EN, EN ISO, NFPA, etc.)