LOI Tenova - Environment

Energy transition trends push for the steel industry to start decarbonization as soon as possible, besides pollutant emissions have to be considerably reduced. These technical goals are embraced by Tenova with a dedicated Burners Department which through innovation provides for sustainable solutions. Hydrogen burners, high efficiency burners, low NOX and low CO burners are some of the key elements of the Tenova Burner product portfolio which can offer a wide variety of solutions to respect the strictest environmental standard, to lower CO2 emissions allowing for a sustainable production.

Self-regenerative burners, specifically designed for pipe heat treatment furnaces, exploit the technology of TRGX Regenerative burners used for re-heating process into a new generation burner which perfectly fit the Heat Treatment Furnaces.

Sustenovability - TRGX: Regenerative Flameless Burner - YouTube

The Reheating furnace process and related controls by automation system are designed to effectively minimize the utility and resources consumption.