Nova Analytical Systems

Designing and manufacturing portable gas analyzers, continuous gas analyzers, and sample conditioning equipment for industrial applications

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Nova Analytical Systems Headquarters

Nova Analytical Systems
270 Sherman Avenue North
Hamilton, ON L8L 6N5
phone: +1 905 545 2003

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Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit of Tenova Goodfellow Inc., has been designing and manufacturing dependable gas analysis equipment for over 40 years. Nova offers portable gas analyzers, continuous gas analyzers and sample conditioning equipment for industrial applications. We serve a diverse range of traditional and emerging industries all over the world.

With our inclusion into the Tenova Group of Companies, Nova Analytical Systems gains international presence as a key player worldwide for gas monitors and analyzers for industrial applications.

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Grant Freeman
Grant Freeman
Managing Director

“Our integrated approach to design and manufacturing allows us to configure our products to suit each application, while still being able to offer the best price, long-term reliability and proven technology in each analyzer.

We back up our products with excellent, prompt service.”

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