Innovation is our foundation.

At Tenova, innovation is more than just part of how we do business. It’s the foundation of our success.  

Every company has to innovate to survive, but Tenova is unique in the metals industry in the way it designs, develops and promotes innovative technologies. We establish ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders and attract top talent, accumulating input and experience that enable us to see further into the future and develop technologies that drive the industry forward.  

We put these insights at the service of our clients, helping them create competitive advantages within their markets of reference. 

This focus on innovation plays a key role in our commitment to sustainability and the green transition of metals. It keeps us active and engaged, from analyzing market trends to participating in national and international group research projects; from playing a protagonist’s role in key industry organizations to staying abreast of important metal and mining industry trends.  

Research & Development

Everything we do in R&D is designed to help our clients and partners achieve their business goals.  

We leverage the synergy between local specialists and our global R&D team, letting ideas spread across the company, encouraging people at every level to enrich solutions with their collective know-how and expertise.  

This kind of company-wide cross-fertilization enables us to both identify solutions that can increase the efficiency and productivity of existing facilities, as well as reduce their global and local environmental impact

The result? Sustainable solutions for metals and mining that help speed up the energy transition.  


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Tenova R&D&I Journey

Small steps, big innovation. From reducing production costs and energy consumption to introducing cutting-edge green features, we believe no improvement is too small, especially when innovation addresses clear market needs.  

More than 60 R&D&I projects are ongoing worldwide in Tenova to improve and upgrade existing products, services and processes.

Open Innovation initiatives

You never know where you’ll find the next great idea. We leave no stone unturned, participating in cooperatively-funded projects at both the national and international levels, collaborating with relevant research and technology organizations worldwide, seeking out innovative start-ups and more, and encouraging ongoing dialogue with both our stakeholders and our peers.
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Ongoing Funded Projects

International Networks

In keeping with our open approach, we participate in numerous national and international associations including: ESTEP, AFIL, AIM, CFI, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, the American Iron and Steel Institute and others. Our active participation in the international metals network helps us make a significant contribution to shaping our industry’s future.

Laboratories & Research Centers

Our efforts in innovation are directly supported by our own Tenova laboratories and research centers in Italy and Israel. Reliance on these internal R&D facilities provides two key advantages. First, it allows us to test, modify, develop and experiment ideas in-house. Second, it gives us an opportunity to share facilities with partners, expanding our open innovation efforts. 

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Enrico Malfa
Enrico Malfa
Tenova R&D Director

“Most people would agree that innovation is the technological implementation of new products, processes and services that have a significant impact on the market and a company’s business. But this definition focuses on the impact of innovation, not the process. New ideas need time to be accepted and integrated into the market. Collaboration between R&D, marketing and company stakeholders is the key to turning brilliant ideas into concrete innovation.” 

Digital Transformation

Our competitive approach is driven by a forward-looking attitude that translates to a digital transformation of our entire company structure, from internal processes to an advanced portfolio of technologies. 

At Tenova this digital mindset fosters targeted cross-fertilization, allowing ideas to travel throughout the company, encouraging people at every level to contribute to the creative process.  

Whether we’re focused on leveraging data to make informed decisions, training our people to respond to new market trends, driving machine learning or digitalizing existing technologies, we can boast the skills required to conduct business successfully in the twenty-first century. 

“Digitalization means connectivity, mobility and data-driven decisions. We know this works when we’re designing and developing new digital products and services for our customers, but it’s not enough to maintain our leadership position in metals. That’s why we work hard to improve our mindset, increase cognitive versatility and cultivate a ‘fail fast, learn and reiterate’ approach. This focus on ongoing training is the real digital transformation driving our daily work.” 

Stefano Moroni
Stefano Moroni
IoT Platform Manager

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