Why Tenova?

Because you’ll be empowered to tackle a different challenge every day.

Leveraging a global, multicultural work environment that has evolved to empower creativity and innovation, we encourage our people to think independently and bring their own ideas to the table. We ask the women and men who join our workforce to bring a passion for this kind of creative approach, because their passion drives the sustainable innovation we specialize in supplying our clients.  

Federico Metzger
Federico Metzger
Chief HR Officer

“One of the greatest aspects of working at Tenova is the opportunity this company provides for people to face new challenges every day. Our women and men need to stay agile and creative. They need to focus on making a difference for our clients.” 

Four good reasons to work in Tenova


Leader company

Our people are the secret to our success. We rely on a workforce of over 2,300 women and men located all over the globe, many of whom are internationally-recognized specialists in their respective fields of expertise. Their passion for crafting sustainable, innovative solutions has made us a leader in metals and mining.  

Passionate community

Tenova is a community of expert professionals who share a passion for technology and are on-the-job perfectionists. We encourage networking, cross-collaboration and relationship-building across our business units and between different multinational locations. After all, you never know where the next transformative idea will come from! 

Multicultural environment

If you are an open-minded, internationally-oriented person, Tenova might be the right place for you: every employee is different and brings a different perspective. We create an environment in which working side-by-side with international colleagues is standard and moving transversally within the company structure is encouraged. 

Continuous innovation

Every project we undertake for our clients is different from the one before it, and will remain different from the next. This requires creative approaches and novel solutions. That’s why we focus on encouraging a transversal, collaborative approach to working together, creating an atmosphere in which colleagues are motivated to trust and respect one another’s ideas, and our leaders are empowered to inspire our people to do the very best job they can.

An award for training activities to counter skills mismatching

Confindustria (the main association representing Italian manufacturing and service companies) enhances the commitment of enterprises in the training of new generations through the awarding of the "BAQ - Bollino per l'Alternanza di Qualità" and "BITS - Bollino per le imprese in ITS" stamps.

Both were awarded to Tenova, as a company that stands out for the quality of the School-Work Alternation paths activated and its effort in the dissemination of technical culture and STEM disciplines.


With history stretching back to 1945, it all began with a drive for innovation.

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