Safe today, safer tomorrow.

Safety is paramount at Tenova. Not just for employees, but for all stakeholders. That means clients, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, interns and more. From worksites to production facilities, from technology labs to office headquarters, we make the mental and physical wellbeing of our people and those they interact with a top priority

We distill our commitment to safety into two focus areas: promoting a culture of safety among our people (Safety First); and designing robust safeguards directly into our technologies (Safety by Design). 


Matteo Colombo
Matteo Colombo
Tenova QHSE Manager

“Human lives take precedence. That’s why we organize a broad range of safety training programs and educational initiatives throughout the company, all year long. We believe that an informed, well-trained and accountable workforce is the best protection against on-the-job danger.” 

Safety in Tenova

Safety first

No matter where our facilities are located or which local laws govern them, we always apply the most stringent international safety regulations available. We schedule and conduct regular safety training sessions and provide all our people with Basic Safety Rules to govern day-to-day activities.  

Our training programs prepare our people to identify, evaluate, mitigate and – wherever possible – eliminate safety risks before they become problems. We continuously analyze error reports, warning flags and near misses, including any incident that might help us improve Health, Safety and Environment Management protocols

We also run regular audits that measure and review existing safety standards as part of our standard work routine. We report our progress to all stakeholders, reinforcing the company’s open work culture, strengthening accountability and making sure improvements are ongoing. 

Italia Loves Sicurezza 

Italia Loves Sicurezza

Italia Loves Sicurezza (Safety) is a national Italian association dedicated to safeguarding health and safety in the workplace. Tenova maintains active ambassadors in the movement, and every year we set up initiatives designed to increase safety awareness as part of World Day for Safety and Health at Work (sponsored by the International Labour Organization and the United Nations). 

Safety by design

Tenova puts the “pre” in prevention, encouraging employees at every level to focus on eliminating potential dangers before they manifest. This means safety starts at the drawing board, leveraging the experience, know-how and innovative approaches of our experts and engineers to build safety directly into the design process. This attention to detail has enabled us to build an extensive, multi-decade track record of safe and high-performing products, systems and facilities.  


Digital Transformation

Digital technologies, data gathering, data analysis and dedicated training are enabling us to offer our clientele significant safety advantages. We build reliable innovation – including robotics, smart sensors and AI – directly into our products. We collect digital data on facility performance and production errors, and compile digital report cards for maintenance effectiveness and troubleshooting. Our digital mindset and the digital transformation it drives company-wide are helping make our products for metals and mining safer and more effective than ever before. 

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