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Tenova is highly specialized. Our competitive approach is based on excellence and flexibility. We fill market niches and key points along the value chain, supplying innovative, sustainable and, foremost, reliable solutions for metals and mining that help our clients reap the most out of present opportunities, while adapting to market changes.

This means reliability is key to our offering. Our technologies are designed to provide our clients the best available option in terms of today’s profitability and tomorrow’s sustainability. We establish a lifelong dialogue with our clients, tailoring our products and services to their needs, aiming to face market transitions and demands in the most efficient way. We continue to care for them long after purchase: It’s part of what makes us stand out from the competition.

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“Tenova is a reliable international partner present all over the globe: we are where you need us to be. Our backlog of orders is well-balanced across all markets, guaranteeing stability, sustainability and proximity so that we can successfully fulfill our clients’ request”. 

Fabio Arancio
Fabio Arancio
Chief Financial Officer​

Quality certifications

We make quality controls and certifications a priority group-wide, no matter where in the world we are working. This means employing recognized best practices and strictly following accepted industry standards. Many of the companies in our network can already boast ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications. Others have opted to seek certifications from important international entities, for example Intertek, Bureau Veritas and the DNV GL Group. 

Digital Transformation

We leverage digital technologies and artificial intelligence to increase the reliability of every system, solution or process we produce. Whether it’s advanced sensors, our proprietary cloud technology or oversight and control software, we have the Industry 4.0 technology your company needs to keep your processes and automated systems running smoothly.

«Reliability is defined as the probability that a product, system or service will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period of time. The key words here are ‘probability’ and ‘specified period of time.’ It’s not that equipment should never fail; it’s that we can predict with reasonable accuracy when it might, enabling us to prevent failure before it happens. That’s why we use predictive artificial intelligence and implement predictive maintenance, making sure our equipment works as well as possible for as long as possible, and receives appropriate maintenance whenever it needs to.»

Giovanni Bavestrelli
Giovanni Bavestrelli
Data Science Director

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