New Consteel® System for Fujian Sanbao Iron & Steel Co.


New Consteel® System for Fujian Sanbao Iron & Steel Co.

Tenova’s new Consteel® system will allow the customer to increase significantly its efficiency, environmental and safety performances.

Tenova was awarded a contract by Fujian Sanbao Iron&Steel Co., an integrated quality steel producer, in the Zhangzhou region (China) for the supply of a Consteel® system.

Tenova’s Consteel® system is a technology that will allow the client to increase significantly its efficiency, environmental and safety performances. The system includes a new generation Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) full platform and a Consteel® Evolution, a combination that achieves reduced pollution and CO2 emissions, directly related to its operational reliability. Additionally, it offers several advantages in terms of savings in electrical consumption, improved productivity, high-quality steel and greater environmental protection. In addition, the process automation system improves workplace safety

Since its first industrial installation, more than thirty years ago, Tenova has continuously improved the Consteel® system to meet clients’ needs, and it currently represents the best EAF charging solution on the market in terms of efficiency and sustainability, as confirmed by the numerous references worldwide. The fumes from the EAF are used to pre-heat raw materials inside the pre-heating section and are then sent without pollutants, to a plant fume cleaning system.

The new Consteel® for Fujian Sanbao is designed to be fed with low-density scrap and its conveyor is the widest ever installed in China. The equipment was designed to allow the customer to have high flexibility for raw materials, making possible to use different types of scrap, including bundles and hot metal.

Our previous successful references have played a fundamental role in building trust and co-operation with the client. This is in line with Tenova’s commitment to being a reliable partner and always keeping innovation and continuous improvement of our design and technologies as top priorities”.

Beijun Ben Cheng
Beijun Ben Cheng
Sales Proposal at Tenova Technologies (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

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