LCA Certification for Pomini Digital Texturing™


LCA Certification for Pomini Digital Texturing™

Important milestone for Tenova: Pomini Digital Texturing™ is the first surface finishing machine obtaining a Life Cycle Assessment certification.

Tenova has attained a remarkable achievement: Pomini Tenova, worldwide leader in the production of roll grinders, has successfully concluded the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis of Pomini Digital Texturing™ (PDT™) – a breakthrough technology for surface texturing of rolling mill work rolls. 

The study is the first one of this kind in the sector of metal surface finishing machines, enabling the PDT™ technology to receive the certification in compliance with the ISO 14025:2006 standard and the General Programme Instruction 4.0. As positive result of the auditing undertaken in March 2021, the LCA analysis was registered on the EPD® Portal – the platform of the International EPD® System, the world’s leading global LCA program operating in accordance with the ISO 14025, TS/14027, 14040, a.o. standards – and is now accessible to all users.

This represents a very significant milestone for Pomini Tenova’s leading-edge PDT™ technology, certifying its remarkable eco-friendly features and performances, and brings further value to the numerous customers who have already chosen it.

“PDT™ is Pomini’s flagship technology: a clean, cost effective, versatile, safe and multi-patented process. I strongly believe that the Life Cycle Assessment analysis and related certifications add on to the unique value of our solution, embracing the sustainability concerns and expectations of our stakeholders”.

Paolo Gaboardi
Paolo Gaboardi
Pomini Tenova Executive Vice President

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