Designing a greener, more efficient future for metals and mining.

Sustainability may be today’s call to action, but we believe it should be business as usual. That’s why Tenova cultivates a forward-thinking attitude that puts us ahead of the pack. We not only improve existing technologies for metals and mining, but design and produce new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of our clients’ facilities, even as they improve production efficiency and performance

Our solutions reduce CO2 emissions to some of the lowest levels in the metals industry. We create cutting-edge technologies that reduce fine particles, NOx, dioxins and other hazardous materials. We believe strongly in the potential of alternative and renewable energy sources, incorporating them into our solutions wherever possible. We have already put hydrogen-ready technologies on the market, and many of our solutions are designed around the concept of recoveryreuse and a circular economy, from dispersed energy to reutilized residues and more, fostering an effective circular economy. 

Companies across the metals industry are driving to accelerate decarbonization, and Tenova is helping them get there. Today we can boast the most sustainable technology portfolio in steel, helping create new production plants that use flexible, incremental hydrogen and reduce CO2 emissions significantly across every production phase. 

Sustainability for Tenova
Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

“Innovative and sustainable solutions are the core of our product offering. We see a greener, more efficient future, and thanks to our decades-long experience in the industry, we’re uniquely positioned to achieve it. That’s why we focus on partnering with all our stakeholders, working together to evolve our industry, reduce our collective environmental footprint and make what we do safer, more effective and more efficient.” 

Tenova 2022 Sustainability Report

Today, iron and steel are responsible for 7% or more of global carbon emissions. Every day, our people are creating pathways to green steelmaking that did not exist before, revolutionizing how metals companies operate worldwide.

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The 3 T of the Sustainability Framework


“Sustenovability” is built on Tenova’s resolution to embrace sustainability values and embody them in a portfolio of green tech solutions, shouldering responsibility for minimizing environmental impact for present and future generations. It is also a shared responsibility venture that the company undertakes along with its employees, stakeholders, supply chain professionals, decision-makers… and especially its customers! Tenova’s experienced and professional staff are committed to upholding customer aspirations and fulfilling customer needs, leveraging the company’s capacity to learn from the present and forecast the future, anticipating trends and transformations across the metals industry and beyond. 

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Digital Transformation

We know that environmental sustainability in metals and mining can be achieved leveraging digital technologies. That’s why we put so much emphasis on investing in Industry 4.0 applications to develop low-to-zero environmental impact solutions. From artificial intelligence systems to machine learning tools and techniques, we focused on improving the environmental footprint of production processes while preserving superior product quality and safeguarding smooth, trouble-free operations. 

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