Bell-Type Annealing Plant HPH® in China


Bell-Type Annealing Plant HPH® in China

Tenova LOI Thermprocess was commissioned a Bell-Type Annealing Plant HPH® by Hangzhou XZB Tech Co., Ltd.

At the beginning of this year, Tenova LOI Thermprocess and its Chinese subsidiary in Tianjin received a joint order from a leading Chinese manufacturer of cold-formed components for the automotive industry.

The company Hangzhou XZB Tech Co. Ltd. ordered a Bell-type annealing plant high performance hydrogen (HPH®) for wire rod for its new works in Huzhou. This order includes the delivery of a furnace plant with three annealing bases, two heating hoods and one jet cooling hood.

This HPH® Bell-type annealing plant uses hydrogen as protective gas; moreover, it features a useable diameter of 4,200 mm and a useable height of 5,300 mm for each base, which results in an average charge weight of approximately 48 tons wire rod per each annealing base. The new plant is designed for the annealing of both hot-rolled and drawn wire coils.

The production in this new annealing plant is scheduled to start in late autumn 2018.  

The receipt of this order underlines the position of LOI Thermprocess as highly reputable manufacturer of bell-type annealing plants for wire rods in China. 

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