FAC for the new Novelis finishing line


FAC for the new Novelis finishing line

Tenova obtains the Final Acceptance Certificate for its new Aluminum Automotive Heat Treatment Line at Novelis Nachterstedt Plant.

At the end of last year, Novelis Deutschland GmbH has given Tenova the Final Acceptance Certificate for its state-of-the-art aluminum automotive Finishing line at Nachterstedt Plant in Germany, designed to serve European and global automotive customer.

Located adjacent to Novelis' existing rolling mill and the world's largest aluminum recycling center, the million global investment will increase annually production capacity by 120,000 metric tons of automotive sheet and will provide global customers with high-quality automotive sheet of alloys used in lightweight vehicle structures and body panels.

The line is processing automotive aluminum coils with a thickness range from 0,7 up to 2,7 mm and a width range from 800 up to 2100 mm. Its annual capacity is 120,000 tons and the process speed is 80 m/min. The line is equipped with a double pay off reel section converging to a stitcher unit; an entry vertical looper, the thermal section with entry bridle roll group, floating furnace with cooling section and exit bridle roll group; a chemical section with acid etching, spray passivation and a special squeegee roll coater unit; an exit horizontal looper, the re-heater and a double winding section with auxiliary devices.

The newest finishing line made by Tenova in Nachterstedt was built to serve materials to first class automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and others. Automakers increasingly turn to aluminum to achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in their vehicles. Automotive sheet coming out from Novelis heat treatment lines, made by Tenova, can be found in more than 180 different vehicle models in production today.

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