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Tenova is pleased to announce the launch of, a new web platform featuring stories, best practices and case studies that highlight how Tenova is living up to its commitment towards sustainability.

As a wordplay that best characterizes the group’s resolute and future-forward green approach, the term sustenovability is a neologism that embodies the perfect blend between the Tenova brand, its eco-friendly values and its capacity to deliver sustainable solutions in a world that requires more and more resources to develop itself.

“This dedicated web space opens a window of opportunities to communicate how we are investing in a better future for our customers while impacting communities at large and letting our experiences and solutions explain how reduced environmental burdens will sustain future generations”.

Andrea Lovato
Andrea Lovato
Tenova CEO

Amid a growing responsibility to minimize environmental impacts for present and future generations, showcases the most cutting-edge innovative green solutions and the latest projects Tenova is undertaking along with its worldwide partners. During next year, the content will be gradually nourished and updated with some of the newest projects and products that have crowded the group’s portfolio of green technologies.

Together with the case studies that are displayed – they will be enriched progressively in the near future – the web platform presents a video in which Lovato is challenged by a delegation of customers. He engages with them by answering their stringent questions, as is common in every business meeting, but this time the customers are exactly the ones we think about when we say: “we look at the present, we see the future”… It is worth going to see it to find out more!

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