Tenova and NLMK strategic workshop in Russia


Tenova and NLMK strategic workshop in Russia

In February, Tenova and NLMK, a leading global steel company, held a workshop in Lipetsk, Russia, on the future of steel production.

Tenova experts met on February 21 and 22 some engineers and key people of NLMK, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products, and described them the latest technologies and the possible future application in NLMK plants in order to propose ideas and strategy for the investments in steel in the next five years.

The analysis of market trends and future development for steel products, which was started last year with another workshop for upstream products, focused this year in downstream.

Tenova presented new technologies aimed to improve the efficiency and quality of production, to reduce the consumption of energy and raw material, to limit the environmental impact and to develop a sustainable business for processing lines and thermal section. Industry 4.0 and its application in reheating furnaces was also a topic for a fruitful and interesting discussion between the participants.

The co-operation between the two companies, both leaders in steel sector, even if in a different position of the production chain, dated back to NLMK expansion in silicon steel. Tenova was in fact awarded several contracts for GO and NGO production (Decarburizing, Annealing & Cleaning Line, MgO Coating Lines, Flattening & Coating Line, Multi-stack Batch Annealing Furnaces). More recently, the relationship with NLMK has been reinforced by the signing of contracts for steel plants in different countries.

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