Tenova Builds the Future of Plants


Tenova Builds the Future of Plants

Tenova, in partnership with Microsoft, is developing a breakthrough solution based on digital technologies to optimize business processes and enhance productivity in the Metal Industry.

Cloud computing, IoT, and machine learning: three key ingredients of Industry 4.0 that will change the way of creating value in the near future. To make this happen in the Metal Industry, Tenova and Microsoft combined efforts and launched a partnership to develop a new platform which will support new business models based on collaboration and services.

The goal of the partnership between Tenovaand the IT world leader is to develop an integrated industrial system where the analysis of data gathered on the field through multiple sensors and actuators allows to monitor plant machines, detect anomalies autonomously and optimize overall plant performances. This complex architecture is enabled through Microsoft Azure cloud platform and provisional algorithms based on machine learning technologies. The first pilot phase will produce its outcomes already by the end of this summer. 

Thanks to digital technology, we will be able to develop collaborative platforms to share data, knowledge and competences, so to enhance synergies with our external partners. This collaborative approach will pave the way to new level of strategic business partnerships, improving the quality of interaction with customers. In this new business model, value is created bi-directionally, through an ecosystem of integrated products and services

Antonio Catalano
Antonio Catalano
Head of Digital Transformation at Tenova

The centralized digital platform developed with Microsoft will provide more informative support, so to offer a broad service portfolio, includingpredictive maintenance, spare parts management, equipment personalized settings, and more effective remote assistance. The added value for the customer is not just in the final product, but in the optimization of the entire process, gaining advantages in terms of productivity and, consequently, competitiveness.

“Technological innovation represents a major commitment for Tenova and a crucial factor in the company’s growth strategy, and we found in Microsoft a key ally to bring about digital transformation. Thanks to cloud computing, IoT, and machine learning technologies by Microsoft, we are able to develop a 4.0 solution which represents our best recipe to contribute the future of the iron and steel industry. The goal is to make plants always more intelligent and connected, to offer services of high added value by analyzing the data from machines to optimize production, and to help our customers to achieve their business objectives”

Andrea Lovato
Andrea Lovato
Tenova CEO

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