The 2023 Tenova Sustainability Report reconfirms the company's commitment to a greener and equal future


Castellanza, June 13, 2024Tenova, a leading developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry, launches today its new Sustainability Report, which tracks the progress the company has made against its sustainability agenda over the past year. The Report illustrates the company’s ESG-guided sustainability framework, including energy efficiency initiatives, circular economy solutions, and sustainable innovation. 

Tenova’s Sustainability Report FY23 underscores its long-term ambition to work together with its customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to decarbonize the metals sector and advance the global transition towards more responsible practices. Furthermore, it details the steps the company has taken to mitigate and measure its own environmental impact, while continuing to drive positive change for its customers, employees, and communities. 

Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova CEO, comments: “At Tenova, we firmly believe that the real value we bring to the sustainability table lies in our human capital – the specialized competencies of our team are our greatest and most valuable asset. It is because of our people that we are able to make such significant strides, designing technologies that help our clients face today’s challenges. Our role is clear. We can proudly say that we are fulfilling it by developing accessible and cost-effective technologies that propel decarbonization, and remain firmly committed to furthering sustainable practices for the betterment of our planet and society.”

In line with this ethos, Tenova’s flagship technologies – Direct Reduction Iron (DRI), Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs), and the Silicon Steel ones – are essential in driving the decarbonization of both the metals industry and the planet. This is demonstrated by its major international projects, which are set to make a substantial impact on sustainability in Europe, China, and other parts of the world.

The company’s Report highlights Tenova’s achievements in the past year and its ongoing initiatives and pledges to protect people and the planet. These include:

  • Successfully using OnlyPlastic, an injection technology able to produce steel from the residues of waste plastic treatment plants. It results in a lower environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions and reduction of landfilling;
  • Installing a 980 kW new-generation photovoltaic plant for the company’s headquarters in Castellanza, Italy. The high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon panels can generate up to 1,000 MWh annually, amounting to around 30% of the Campus’s annual energy consumption;
  • Rolling out new mandatory Health and Safety training at project sites, with BU Upstream Italy as a pilot project;
  • Expanding the TenovaLAB facilities for the installation of a water electrolysis unit connected to solar panels;
  • Implementing employee wellness services and awareness through ad hoc disseminations and programs.

The report is available on the company’s website in a dedicated interactive section,, from which it is possible to download the complete version and also a condensed digest version.