Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel Company signs off on performance certificate for Tenova’s i DRI® technology project


Tenova’s i DRI® technology achieves demonstrated performance in the areas of yield, productivity, electrical and Power on Time (PON)

Mississauga, 3rd August 2017 – Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel Company has signed a final acceptance certificate for the Tenova i DRI® project for the successful delivery of the Furnace Optimization System on DRI fed Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) 5 at Hadeed Plant.

The i DRI® technology project at Hadeed has demonstrated performance in the areas of 1.42% yield increase, 4.1% productivity increase, 3.23% reduction on electrical consumption and 1.6 min reduction on Power on Time (PON).

As applied to the DRI process, the models are responsible to calculate the most important parameters used by the control modules. Working alongside the plant PLC, performance of the system was achieved through validation of several fundamental outputs, inclusive of: off-gas measurements using EFSOP® technology; a downstream analyzer; temperature and off-gas flow sensors; furnace and auxiliary service automation; process modeling for real-time mass and energy balance; chemical energy control and optimization of the oxygen lances; and DRI feed rate control.