Joint Release: EFSOP® off-gas system for Kyoei Steel Group plants


Japan’s Kyoei Steel Group introduces Tenova’s EFSOP® off-gas system as recognized technology for improving production and lowering cost through energy savings.

With excellent energy saving results from two completed EFSOP® project installations at Kanto Steel and Kyoei Steel Hirakata Works (Hirakata City, Osaka), the Kyoei Steel Group, a leading EAF steelmaker in Japan, has confirmed the value that EFSOP® technology has added to their operations in the areas of real-time off-gas chemistry measurement and dynamic closed loop control of chemical energy.

EFSOP® technology has been provided by Tenova, through its company Tenova Goodfellow Inc., which is the leader in the design and supply of process control technology for the EAF and BOF markets.

We will promote measures to cut costs. Centering around improving the production unit cost, we will aim to make our operations more competitive by cutting cost by 3%. A system to analyze the EAF off-gas and inject energies like O2 at an optimal timing has been introduced to Hirakata Works and Kanto Steel. The system restrains waste combustion of the EAF and this becomes energy-saving. As data have been accumulated and effects started to be seen, we plan to introduce the system to all plants in the future"

Mitsuhiro Mori
Mitsuhiro Mori
Kyoei Steel Group President