Six EAF Consteel® Evolution Plants for Tenova in China


Castellanza, October 30 2017 – During the last eight months, Tenova has been awarded important contracts for a total of six Electrical Arc Furnaces (EAF) Consteel® Evolution in China.

Steelmaking industries in China are starting to use a different approach in their business in China, converting their steel shops plants with EAF technology. In order to improve the reduction rate of CO2 emissions promoted by Chinese government, the Chinese steelmakers are starting to increase the share of electrical steelmaking in comparison to Blast Furnace (BF) or Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF).

This trend is evidenced by the strong interest for Tenova EAF Consteel® Evolution.

The awarding of the above mentioned contracts underlined the recognized advantages for this technology that, in terms of steel making from scrap, allows savings in electrical consumption, high productivity, high quality steel, protection of the environment and safety.

Chinese producers are recognizing Tenova EAF Consteel® brand for its reliability in production and in project schedule. Thanks to the continuous improvement in research, Tenova Consteel® system is the only fully tested industrial process, with more than fifty plants in operation, that continuously pre-heats and feeds metallic charge to the EAF, while simultaneously controlling gaseous emissions.

In China we have acquired an important market share in steel making, thanks to our capability to cope with the customer’s requirement of fast-track projects and the proved track record of successful installations. EAF Consteel® is a leading technology for Tenova that continues to be attractive for the steel making sector, and, during this year, we have acknowledged a renewed interest for this technology both in Europe and in the North America.

Paolo Argenta
Paolo Argenta
Senior Vice President Tenova Metals