STM Kunshan Cheng Tongming Metal orders from Tenova LOI Thermprocess HPH® Bell-Type Furnaces for Wire Coils


Essen, January 30, 2017 - At the beginning of 2017, LOI Thermprocess GmbH and its Chinese subsidiary company LOI Thermprocess (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.received a contract for a wire annealing plant from STM Kunshan Cheng Tongming Metal Co. Ltd. a Chinese wire manufacturer in the province Jiangsu. The order includes the delivery of a bell-type furnace plant with two annealing bases, two heating hoods and one Jet-cooling hood. The HPH® (High Performance Hydrogen) bell-type furnaces also works with hydrogen as annealing atmosphere and has per base an usable diameter of 4,200 mm and a charging height of 3,500 mm. Thus, an average batch weight of 28 tons steel wire per annealing base can be achieved. Not only hot rolled wire coils but also drawn wire coils shall be annealed. The start of production for the new annealing plant is forecasted for end of the third quarter of 2017.

This brand new customer awarded this contract to Tenova LOI Thermprocess after a strong competition with local competitors thanks to its HPH® technology which gave Tenova LOI Thermprocess a strong advantage and a leading position in bell-type annealing of wire coils.