Tenova celebrates the 10th anniversary of its brand and launches a new website


A milestone that sums-up the transformation of Tenova and the innovation boost of the last 10 years with a new corporate site as an expression of the company’s identity and a point of reference for partners and stakeholders

Castellanza (Italy), 1st March 2017 – Tenova celebrates the 10th anniversary of its brand and announces the launch of its new corporate website www.tenova.com, which is the expression of the company’s last “10 years of Innovation” and of its continuous worldwide evolution.

Tenova was founded in February 2007 from the former Techint Technologies. After having accumulated decades of experiences providing innovative solutions to client-partners, from 2007 the newly established Tenova company has guaranteed during the years a unique strong identity and strategic synergies among several international companies with over a century of history, embracing their heritage, innovation and expertise, while leveraging the long-lasting industrial principles of the Techint Group.

Today, Tenova operates in 22 countries, across the 5 continents. Tenova's employees - more than three thousand professionals coming from different cultural backgrounds - are passionate and committed to enhancing the company's role as a reliable partner for its clients, able to face the challenges of the fast-paced global environment.

We are very proud to celebrate this milestone, that we love to summarize with the claim ‘10 years of Innovation’. Our history of innovation is much more wide in terms of years if we sum up all the experiences of the companies that are part of the group; but in the last ten years we have been boosting our products innovation and transforming our company, and now we are very excited to see what our future has to offer. During these last 10 years, our passion for technology, the distinctive competences and skills of our people, and our industrial roots have been the engine behind our daily efforts to invest in new capabilities and continuous innovations for our customers and partners. Our ambition is to follow this path, keeping our eye on the long-term to continue to create long-lasting relationships and strengthen our position as one of the most trusted worldwide company.

Andrea Lovato
Andrea Lovato
Tenova CEO

Over the years, Techint Technologies had pursued a successful expansion strategy through continuous acquisitions of leading companies with a rich heritage and history, such as Pomini, LOI Thermprocess, Italimpianti, HYL and Pyromet, helping them to provide integrated solutions for entire sectors. Since its establishment, Tenova has adopted this approach and continued to acquire various specialized firms such as TAKRAF and Delkor for its expansion within the mining sector. This same approach has also allowed the company to establish new firms around the world following a strategic organic growth. The outcome of this strategy has resulted in Tenova strongly expanding its global presence from 14 to 22 countries, doubling its employees from 1,600 to over 3,000, speeding up the innovation processes and synergies of the companies of the network, consolidating its business penetration in various markets to become even closer to its partners, and strengthening its portfolio with new technologies and solutions both for metals and mining.

Leveraging its heritage, the industrial principles of its group, and the passion for technology of its professionals, Tenova is able to anticipate the trends and transformations within the industries, as demonstrated by the recent rewards to several innovations developed both in metals and mining sectors; among them, the Pomini PDT (Pomini Digital Texturing Technology) and the new furnace concept, the Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF), in metals sector; the new solutions designed by TAKRAF for mining sector, such as the HPRG technology (High Pressure Grinding Rolls) and the innovative Gearless Conveyor System developed for the Chuquicamata Underground Mine Project in Chile, which is considered the world’s most powerful belt conveyor system.

 A new corporate website as a mirror of 10-years evolution

Tenova's strong identity and the continuous innovations achieved during the last 10 years are reflected in the new corporate website, that represents a modern and innovative channel that features the company’s commitment and expertise in the metal and mining industries, as well as a point of reference for partners, prospects, and stakeholders.

The redesigned website harmoniously integrates images and contents, and features a clean design and improved functionalities thanks to an automatic slideshow, controlled by the visitor, that offers a quick and easy access to the main information on Tenova and on its history, identity, and commitment, as well as to its innovative products and technologies, solutions, case histories and references. New sections for partners, media and stakeholders highlight company news and events, and allow to download relevant materials such as product sheets, institutional videos and the new company profile, a brochure which represents the newest expression of the company’s brand identity.

“Our new website is a natural consequence of this 10-years evolution. It shines a light on who we are as a company and features relevant information on our business and activities. We are thrilled to create and share on this new site contents that inform and educate a wide audience of partners, stakeholders and media, and we hope to engage them at a global level, as our international presence requires”

Andrea Lovato
Andrea Lovato