Tenova Contracted for 13th EAF Consteel® Evolution in China


Thanks to continuous improvement in research, Tenova EAF Consteel® fulfils Chinese steelmakers’ needs of minimizing CO2 emissions in steel production.

Castellanza, 19 September, 2018 –Tenova, a Techint Group company specializing in innovative solutions for the metals and mining industries, was recently awarded a EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) Consteel® Evolution by Yunnan Qujing Iron and Steel Group Phoenix I&S Company Ltd, Yunnan Province. This contract represents the thirteenth state-of-the-art EAF Consteel® Evolution project in China, with the first project awarded in February of 2017.

Recent governmental reforms have triggered a shift from BF-BOF (integral steelmaking) plants towards EAF technology. The goals of the steel reforms include the reduction of CO2 emissions and overcapacity, and the implementation of innovative industrial technologies. Chinese steelmakers have adopted the government’s recommended business approach, and are requesting higher quality products, technologies to increase productivity and environmentally friendly solutions.

Tenova EAF Consteel® Evolution offers high quality standards as well as a more environmentally friendly approach to production compared to traditional steelmaking methods. With more than sixty references worldwide, Tenova EAF Consteel® is considered the best available proven technology in terms of balance/mix between innovation, reliability and sustainability.

We are very proud of this achievement, as it proves that Chinese steelmakers value our solution. Four out of the thirteen EAF Consteels® have already completed the commissioning phase, already receiving the Final Acceptance Certificate for one of them. Over the next months, we will complete the other projectsThe state-of-the-art of our projects confirms Tenova’s strong commitment to maintain the performances that have been agreed and promised to the clients. This is in line Tenova’s top priority: to be a reliable partner and to improve our service continuously.”

Cristian Cattalini
Cristian Cattalini
Product Line Director, Tenova Metals - Environmental Technologies

Based on the analysis of the market trend and on the governmental regulations, it clearly emerges that Chinese steelmakers will invest increasingly in greener, reliable and innovative technologies. Thanks to the trust gained on the field in the past 20 years, with proven technology and reliable performances, we expect China to continue to be a key market for Tenova

Chen Jie
Chen Jie
Tenova Director of Sales Metals China, Upstream