Tenova Contracted for a new Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF®) at Pomina 3, Vietnam


Tenova, a company of the Techint Group specialized in innovative solutions for the metals and mining industries, was recently awarded a new contract  for the new furnace concept, the Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF®), for Pomina 3 steel plant, part of Pomina Steel Corporation in Ba Ria, Vung Tau region, Vietman.

In the Pomina 3 steel plant, the steelmaker upgraded the 120 tons Consteel® EAF – supplied by Tenova in 2013 – into a Tenova FMF®. Adopting this new technology, Pomina 3 will also be able to charge the furnace with hot metal coming from the new blast furnace. This solution will allow Pomina 3 to adopt a hybrid electrical/integrated steelmaking technology minimizing CAPEX and gaining a savings on production costs. 

The start-up of this plant is foreseen in early 2019.

This project is the first one of this kind in Vietnam, following a trend of steelmakers for advanced solutions to decrease production costs and look for more flexibility to use different input materials into an EAF. In the last three years, Tenova signed four contracts (relevant to six furnaces) linked to the FMF® solution

Stefano Marelli
Stefano Marelli
Tenova Global Sales Manager South East Asia.

Tenova FMF® is a modular concept of smelting furnace that can be developed from core equipment called base module with specific add-ons and has the flexibility of converting various charge mix of raw material (scrap, DRI, liquid hot metal, pig iron, etc.). Each module is designed with specific features in order to fit the requirements of the charge mix.

The FMF® solution is also suitable for those steelmakers that are looking for a transition from Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) to an EAF based steelmaking. Flexibility is the greater advantage of this solution for all the markets that are developing toward lower environmental footprint steelmaking operations, however this solution also provides the possibility to smelt a full range of metallic charges which can reduce costs to a minimum level.

Pomina Group (former Thep Viet) started the collaboration with Tenova almost 15 years ago, with a first contract for Consteel® EAF, ladle furnace and continuous caster, followed by another Consteel® EAF and, more recently, by a cold mill complex for pre-painted galvanized flat steel.