Tenova LOI Thermprocess receives follow-up order for HPH® Bell-Type Furnace Plant for Wire Coils by OJSC MMK-METIZ, Magnitogorsk, Russia


Essen, May 9, 2019 – OJSC MMK-METIZ – a producer of advanced steels for the automotive industry from Magnitogorsk, Russia – has placed a new contract for the expansion of the existing HPH® Bell-Type Furnace Plant for Wire Coils with Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a Tenova company, located in Essen, Germany.

OJSC MMK-METIZ located in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, already operates a HPH® Bell-Type Furnace Plant supplied by Tenova LOI Thermprocess in 2014. This plant consists of 2 annealing bases, 1 heating hood and 1 Jet-cooling hood with a maximum net charge weight of 36 tons of wire rod or drawn wire coils. It uses a hydrogen/nitrogen mixture as protective gas atmosphere and features a useable diameter of 3,200 mm and a useable height of 2,700 mm.

In the spring of 2019, a new contract was signed concerning the expansion of the existing plant by further 2 annealing bases, 1 additional heating hood and 1 Jet-cooling hood. The start of production of the new plant is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. Besides the spheroidization annealing of wire rod, this plant also carries out the recrystallization annealing of drawn wire coils with the HPH® (High Performance Hydrogen) annealing technology.

Tenova LOI, a worldwide leading manufacturer for Bell-type annealing furnaces, succeeded in getting this order thanks to its state-of-the-art HPH® technology.


LOI Thermprocess GmbH, Am Lichtbogen 29, 45141 Essen, Germany