Tenova: new order for a walking beam furnace from NLMK, Russia


Castellanza, April 20, 2017 - Tenova has recently been contracted by NLMK, one of the major Russian steel companies, for a 320 t/h walking beam furnace for the Hot Flat Shop HRS at their plant in Lipetsk, Russia.

After a competitive selection, the awarding of the contract to Tenova is the recognition of the company's long standing expertise as well as of its innovative technology. Tenova, in fact, adopted the best available technologies (BAT) and its latest technical innovations to satisfy and overcome the expectations of the customer. Obtaining the leading position with the most qualified customers in a very demanding market in terms of performance is a great outcome for the company.

Ultra-Low NOx Flexytech® technology will be used to reach outstanding results in performances, representing also a new benchmark for reheating furnaces all over the world. It allows to achieve very low values in term of NOx emission and low fuel consumption.

Startup of the furnace is scheduled on September 2019.