2022 ASEAN Raw Materials & Scrap Focus e-Event

May 23-25, 2022
SEAISI Virtual Platform

South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute is organizing the first event that focuses only on raw materials and scrap in the region. During the past few years, the influx of new investment from foreign countries as well as from local companies has rapidly changed the structure of steel production and raw materials requirements in the region. The question now is: What should steel industry in ASEAN adapt to this new structure and what will be the impact of this new structure?


Armando Vazquez, Senior Business Development Manager in Tenova Goodfellow Inc., will give in the session Scrap and Steel-Making Technology the following presentation:

How Tenova’s real-time EAF dynamic process control addresses the variability of scrap charge mix combinations while increasing productivity and reducing operational cost and GHG emissions

For an EAF operation, steel scrap is the fundamental raw material that contributes between 60% and 80% of the total steel plant production costs. An efficient EAF process requires a defined scrap mix to be effectual.  Unfortunately, scrap market conditions do not allow for a simple profile operation of the EAF which forces steelmakers to make sudden adjustments to the implemented sequences in order to carry out an operation.  Also during the melting phase, carbon plays an important role in steelmaking processes, not only for mechanical properties of the final product but also as an important source of energy.  Knowing this importance, steelmakers are challenged to reduce CO2 emissions without compromising product quality, process efficiency, operational cost and safety.

In response to market variability and environmental regulations, Tenova's “intelligent” EAF (i EAF®) technology, based on off-gas dynamic process control, provides the necessary functionality for these situations, delivering heat by heat, efficient process adjustments corresponding to variations in the charge mix while reducing GHG.  The i EAF® completes mass and energy balances in real-time determining the actual Net Energy received by the charge after energy losses, and uses Net Energy for real-time control of the electrical power, lances, burners, injectors, as well as the fume system.  Our presentation will present an overview of the i EAF® system, along with Tenova’s optimization strategy and latest proven results.

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