44th ASICI Meeting and 2nd International Workshop on MILD Combustion

June 5-9, 2022
Naples, Italy

The Combustion Institute is an international, non-profit, educational and scientific society. Founded in 1954, it promotes and disseminates research activities in all areas of combustion science and technology for the advancement of many diverse communities around the world. Members of the Italian Section are actively involved, both at fundamental and applied levels, in all areas of combustion science and its related fields, including clean and efficient energy conversion, transportation and propulsion. Within this framework, the Combustion Institute is organizing the 44th Meeting of The Italian Section of The Combustion Institute Combustion for Sustainability and 2nd International Workshop on MILD Combustion.

Tenova will actively participate to both events with two presentations titled "Utilization of smart sensors for improving performance and reliability of combustion systems" and "Recent advances in H2 fuel-flexibility for industrial combustion systems" and attend the industrial round table about the Energy transition of industrial heating furnaces.

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