Ai, Data Analytics and Insights Summit South Europe

May 26-27, 2022
Milan, Italy /Online

Berry Professionals presents the South European edition of the Ai, Data Analytics and Insights Summit. The panel of speaker is as rich as the program, which will touch the following topics:

  • Data Governance and Data Quality - How to Ensure the Best Quality and Usability of Data
  • How to Set and Sustain an Effective Data Strategy
  • Growing Company-wide Data Literacy and Building Effective Data Team
  • Data Driven Journeys
  • Advanced Analytics development and dissemination
  • Innovative Data Science Solutions and Platforms
  • AI Innovative Use Cases & Trustworthy AI
  • Beyond traditional Customer Analytics: an AI-driven approach to Customer Journey
  • Data & AI as enabling factors for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities
  • Digital Transformation: Change, Cloud, Security and Data
  • Challenges and Opportunities with Data Mesh


On May 27, Giovanni Bavestrelli, Data Science Director in Tenova, will give this speech from 9.25 to 9.55am:

Three ingredients of successful AI projects

Sometimes we assume that if we have a lot of data, one or more smart data scientists, and some fancy algorithms/tools/technologies, then we can solve many problems with AI. I discovered that while these ingredients can be important, they are not what we should focus on, especially at the start of an AI project.

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