AIST Digital Transformation Forum

March 15, 2022 01:00pm EST
Indianapolis, USA

The 2022 Digital Transformation Forum organized by AIST covers relevant topics regarding the digital transformation (DT) journey of steel companies, including cybersecurity, environmental and health and safety applications, practical uses of simulation, and innovative uses of robotics.

During this conference, Tenova Goodfellow Inc. will present a paper titled "Industry 4.0 Towards Enhanced Process Performance", by Elena Uchiteleva, R&D Engineer/Data & Machine Learning. Industry 4.0 represents the convergence of many technologies with high impact potential, where connectivity and autonomous decision making (Artificial Intelligence, A.I.) play a pivotal role. Tenova's presentation focuses on how the integration of state-of-the art sensing with the IIoT connectivity, powerful edge computing, and advanced analytics in the cloud enable the definition of new process key performance indicators (KPIs). Such integration demonstrates the full value of the technological advancement generated by Industry 4.0. In this contribution, Tenova describes the strategy and path followed to create a process smart network, supplemented by user cases in which new process KPIs were defined.

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