EAF International Meeting

November 30 - December 1, 2023
Bergamo, Italy

AIM's EAF International Meeting, held in Bergamo, Italy, aims to gather delegates with both academic and industrial backgrounds to foster technology advancement and ensure knowledge transfer within the company at all levels. Plus, as we transition to a circular economy and address climate change, new challenges arise, such as adopting DRI/HBI, reducing coal use, enhancing slag quality and control its composition, and exploring hydrogen burners.

Tenova's representatives will participate in the event with the following presentations:

  • "Optimization of the energy consumption through waste heat recovery and advanced digital integrator"- Enzo Josef Chiarullo, Product Line Director Environmental Technologies, November 30.  
  • "Tenova’s approach for the efficient and reliable transition of the steel industry" - Andrea Grasselli, Head of Proposal Department Electrical Arc and Ladle Furnaces, November 30.
  • "Efficient and highly productive EAF: operational results of a Tenova’s reference plant" - Andrea Grasselli, December 1.
  • Poster Session: "iSteel-Expert: a solution to improve situation awareness in the EAF area which enforces process efficiency, reliability and sustainability while favouring preservation and transfer of steelworks know-how" - Renato Girelli, Electrical and Automation Engineering Manager, December 1.

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