European Coke and lronmaking Congress (ECIC) & the International Conference on Science and Technology of Ironmaking (ICSTI) 

August 29 - September 2, 2022
Bremen, Germany

The two independent Congresses - the European Coke and lronmaking Congress (ECIC) and the International Conference on Science and Technology of Ironmaking (ICSTI) - will take place as joint events. The 8th ECIC and 9th ICSTI will bring together a wide range of experts, coming from plant operation, plant suppliers, universities and research institutes, who share expertise in Cokemaking, Sintering, Pelletising, Blast furnace ironmaking, Direct reduction, Smelting reduction, Industry 4.0 in ironmaking. Both events will provide a forum for best practice and state of the art technology, new developments, new ideas and research results.

On August 30, during the plenary session, Markus Dorndorf, Vice President Iron & Steelmaking at Tenova, will present the "State of the art and technical innovations in ironmaking: Economically viable and sustainable approaches to secure European steelmaking industry". The move of steelmaking industry towards natural gas-based (short-term) and hydrogen-based (long-term) iron reduction as substitute for carbon-based processes is inexorable. This path represents an extreme challenge, especially under the difficult economic conditions and the general global political situation. The key elements, the so called transition technologies, like the ENERGIRON-ZR® Direct Reduction Technology and melting technologies for iron making (SAF/OSBF), provide reliable tools to support each phase of this transformation process and represent the perfect interim solutions with highest flexibility and minimized negative economic impact.

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