Plastic Recycling Conference Asia (PRCA) 2.0

April 28-29, 2022
Delhi, India

The Plastic Recycling Conference Asia (PRCA) 2.0 in two days conference in Delhi will cover more than ten sessions in the plastic recycling process. The program of PRCA 2.0 will focus on the best recycling practises, challenges, issues, policy making, strategy adaptation & solutions in order to bring the best plastic waste management in Asia. PRCA 2.0 brings solutions based discussions and applications so that the ongoing plastic waste issues can be managed through sustainable methods.

Tenova will attend this conference, on April 28, with a presentation by Praveen Chaturvedi, Vice President Tenova Technologies Pvt Ltd, about Plastics Injection into the electric furnace melting process to replace coal and its derivatives.

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