Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024

April 9-10, 2024
Milan, Italy

The Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024 is the first event designed to bring together CIOs, IT Managers, Manufacturing Operation Managers, and key stakeholders driving innovation, alongside policymakers promoting the transformation of the manufacturing sector. The event aims to explore the potential of Industry 5.0 for sustainable and human-centered production; present key technologies and strategies to tackle the challenges of digital and green transition; promote collaboration and networking among industry professionals.

Claudio Trevisan, Pomini Tenova Research & Innovation Manager, will be among the speakers in the session "Tecnologie per la nuova metafactory: Digital Twin, 5G, IoT, ERP e Analytics" on April 10. The discussion will focus on new digital technologies for the supply chain, implementation of digital/virtual twins, and telecommunications networks for smart factories.

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