Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit  

September 20 - 21, 2022
Online event

The Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit 2022 is a two-day virtual event exclusively organized for the global steelmaking industry. During the conferences, steelmakers will speak about climate change and how they intend to make greener steel in the near future.

On September 20 at 10.50 GMT, Enrico Malfa, Research & Development Director at Tenova, Klaus Peters, Secretary-General at ESTEP, and Johannes Rieger, Area Manager (raw materials and metallurgical processes) at K1-Met, will discuss the Clean Steel Partnership - the accelerator towards sustainable steel production in Europe.

Tenova will be represented also on September 21 at 14.30 GMT by Alessandro Della Rocca. Our expert will present the company’s new stepwise approach, based on the “hybrid heating” concept combining our best-in-class technologies in order to decarbonize the hot rolling process.

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