Teresa Guerra, R&D Manager at Tenova HYL

I am Teresa Guerra, a mother, wife, daughter and chemical engineer that in 2022 is celebrating 33 years working in Tenova HYL.

Teresa Guerra

I started working as an intern in the Research & Development department and, since then, I have jumped back and forth from Operations and R&D for many years, and spent a brief time in the commercial area.

Now, I am the Director of R&D in HYL. As part of my duties, I am responsible of R&D activities and in charge of the Technical Project Managers (TPM’s): Their function is to be the project’s liaison between client, vendors, partners and our engineering department.

R&D is not an easy task when you want to make improvements to a mature technology; however recently, the use of alternative sources of reducing gases and the use of lower grade ores make us face new brainteasers to solve. 

I feel motivated but with a lot of responsibility having a very young but result-oriented team that needs guidance, support but above all leadership and motivation to continue growing and be the future technical leaders that our company needs in this shifting market in the coming years.

I always remark to my team the importance of develop or improve their resilience; a professional competence well needed in any job.