2022 Sustainability Report is released


2022 Sustainability Report is released

Tenova formalizes its commitment to forging sustainable solutions with first Sustainability Report

Tenova is pleased to announce the release of its first Sustainability Report, formalizing its journey to pioneer green technologies that facilitate the industry’s decarbonization, as well as its commitment to improve its own sustainability.

As evidenced by the company’s core business, Tenova’s ambition is to continue being an enabler of sustainable development by continuously evolving and innovating its services for a greener future. Since the outset, Tenova’s mission has been to partner with global clients to develop technologies that protect the environment and improve employee working conditions, while generating cost savings. Today, Tenova’s introductory Sustainability Report outlines its wider strategy to be sustainable as a company itself and drive positive change for its customers, employees and communities. It underlines the company’s commitment to mitigate and measure its own emissions, in addition to putting in place actions which benefit its stakeholders – from its employees to the final users of its technologies – but also the entire planet.

Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

“The downstream benefits of greening the metals and mining industries can positively impact the environment and quality of life of every individual and community. Tenova is already acting towards these goals, and we will continue to bring the best minds together to solve one of the biggest challenges of our time.”

The Sustainability Report outlines a concentrated effort to evolve and elevate the company’s long-lasting sustainability pledge. The achievements and actions, guided by ESG principles and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, are illustrated alongside a strategy for its journey forward, setting the baseline for incremental, transparent, and measurable concrete actions over the coming years.

Three main pillarsTransformation, Trust and Transparency - underpin Tenova’s Sustainability Framework, whose goal is to drive purposeful action and clearly demonstrate the company’s sustainability ambitions:

  1. We transform business – Tenova helps its clients and suppliers operate within planetary boundaries. This includes developing sustainable solutions and technologies, investing in sustainable innovation, R&D, and digital transformation, while accounting responsibly for direct environmental impact;
  2. We build trust – Tenova empowers its employees and reinforces mutual trust with all stakeholders. This includes providing a safe working environment, caring for employees and providing equal opportunities, empowering and training them, developing safe-by-design technologies and strengthening its collaboration with communities and stakeholders at large;
  3. We act transparently ­- with its organization and stakeholders. Tenova operates an ethical business, communicating its impact openly and responsibly. It engages suppliers for a sustainable and resilient supply chain, and embraces sustainable finance principles.

The report is available from today on the company’s website in a dedicated interactive section, sustainabilityreport.tenova.com, from which it is possible to download the complete version and also a condensed digest version.

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Sara Secomandi
Sara Secomandi
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