China: the 14thEAF Consteel® Evolution kicks off


China: the 14thEAF Consteel® Evolution kicks off

A new accomplishment for Tenova in China, where the 14th state-of-the-art EAF Consteel® Evolution project of the last eighteen months, finally took off.  

The shift from BF-BOF (integral steelmaking) plants towards EAF technology, sustained by the reforms of the Chinese government, has led to the demand for advanced equipment and technologies that increase production and provide environmentally friendly solutions.

Tenova EAF Consteel® Evolution offers high quality standards as well as a more environmentally friendly approach to production compared to traditional steelmaking methods. With more than seventy-five references worldwide, Tenova EAF Consteel® is considered the best available proven technology in terms of balance/mix between innovation, reliability and sustainability. Safety and increased productivity are enhanced by tailor made solutions in addition to Tenova standard technologies. Chinese steel makers are paying more and more attention to these topics in order to stabilizing productivity and quality.

Once again our technologies were recognized by the client with whom, from the first technical discussion, the co-operation was fruitful and satisfyingOur previous reference pays a fundamental role in building this environment of trust. This is in line with Tenova’s top priority: to be a reliable partner and to always improve our service.”

Mario Marcozzi
Mario Marcozzi
Sales Director in Tenova Metals

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