Tenova will supply the first LOWNOX MELTSHOP™ for JSW Steel (USA) Inc. Baytown, TX – a technology that will guarantee high environmental standards and performances.

JSW Steel (USA) Inc. has selected Tenova as the supplier of the melt shop technology for the melt-and-manufacture contiguous plate and pipe facility in Baytown, TX. The greenfield melting facility will include a Consteel® Evolution EAF, two Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces and a twin Vacuum Tank Degasser for the production of high quality steel slabs that will feed the new “plate mill of the future”. Tenova will also design and supply the entire melt shop Material Handling System for the storage and handling of fluxes and ferro-alloys as well as DRI and HBI.

The very strict environmental standards foreseen in the non-attainment zone of Baytown, TX required a particularly careful design of the melting process as well as the fume treatment equipment. As part of this project, Tenova will provide JSW Steel (USA) Inc. with two independent Bag Houses, one for the hot gasses and one for the cold gasses to comply with the low pollution limits.

The tailored design of the process, in conjunction with advanced level 1 and level 2 automation systems, will provide a very efficient performance of the Fume Treatment Plant. With the adoption of this technology platform of latest generation – the LOWNOX MELTSHOP™ – the JSW Steel (USA) Inc. new plant will have incredibly low NOx and VOC emissions on a per ton of steel basis.

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